Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY Christmas Wreath From Garland: The Sequel

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!  We had a great time at our house with everyone from both sides of the family here for the first time together in years.  And first thing Friday morning, the Christmas decorating was in full swing.  By Saturday night, we had both trees up and sparkling and I even had the wreaths on the door.

The rest of the house may be a disaster, but at least the front door is ready.  

And since I loved my wreaths made from garlands so much from last year, I went with that again, giving them an even more natural feel with a few pine cones.

Click here to see the basic how-to for making a wreath from garland. ( I do this because it's cheaper to buy the garland than the pre-made wreaths.)  I was excited to find the same pine and cypress garland from Lowes that I did last year.  (A bit less excited that it costs $2 more this year.)  After wiring the wreath together, I decided to add a few sprigs of fir left over from my Christmas tree as well.

And since I don't have pine cones in my yard,  I bought these cinnamon-scented ones from Dollar General for just $4 and wired a few onto the wreath.

And that was it.  I hung them up using my favorite no-damage-to-the-door method, and we are officially ready to welcome Christmas.  

Can't wait to share more Christmas with you all month!  Have you started decking the halls at your house?

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    1. Thanks, Erika! The house is such a mess that's all I can show right now :)

  2. such a pretty wreath, i love it! the pinecones make it different than just a regular red ribbon.

    1. Thanks, Amy! I like the au naturel look this year!

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